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Raissa Venables - Clearing Space

09.05. - 21.06.2014

Reception with the artist: Friday May 9, 7 - 10 pm

Artist talk: May 10 at 7 pm
Marek Claasen (Director artfacts.net) and Cai Wagner discuss with the artist

Raïssa Venables is well known for her photographs depicting distorted rooms, created digitally from hundreds of close-ups arranged into a single seamless image. Their luminous surfaces lure the viewer into an altered depth of field, generating a sense of wonder and even giddiness, as the multiple layers of the photos reveal themselves as separate and yet inextricably intertwined. Because each of the individual close-ups is taken from a different perspective, together they create the illusion of movement, disrupting our everyday spatial awareness and causing our vision to waver, as if the floor has literally fallen away.

Up until now, Venables has primarily photographed interiors. Her works have investigated private spaces such as bedrooms and hallways, but also caravans and tents, and public buildings such as churches, train stations, and elevators.

For her recent series Venables has moved outdoors. She applies the same combination of analogue and digital photographic techniques to natural spaces. This represents a significant departure from her work, which was dedicated primarily to architectural spaces.

The process for the series is also new to her: rather than revealing every visible part of the place that she captures with the camera, she removes, or clears away, what she perceives to be distractions in the environment. In these images, the white space is not only the result of her dissolving color and matter in an effort to transcend the quotidian; it also is the visible effect of her attempt to remove excess information. Her works respond to the over-saturation of technologically communicated information in our society. In this way, the white becomes a meaning in itself.

These works make the artistic process conspicuous; rather than concealing the contours of each image fragment, the photos show some of these raw edges, and in doing so evoke the distortions and simultaneity of Cubist paintings. They also bring to light the notion of digital manipulation. The composite characteristic of the photos is allowed to reveal itself, and Venables’ photographs distance themselves even further from the conventional perspective that has characterized images since the Renaissance.


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