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Miklos Gaál - Pieces of the sky

31.10. - 13.12.2014

31.10.2014, 7 - 10 pm recepition with the artist

Miklos Gaál (*1974 Espoo, Finland) is one of the country’s most significant exponents of contemporary photography, who has unconventionally pushed the limits of photography for many years. The popularity of miniature photography is based strongly upon his early works.

His newest work is a photographic sketchbook – a work-in-progress addressing the aesthetics and functioning of daily life; those moments that could be interpreted as repetitive, uninteresting or boring. It is this orientation towards these apparently banal and random moments in our reality that Gaal’s vision articulates. His aesthetic focus as part of the “grand vision” validates the viewer’s own perception. This approach is explored and enhanced through an installation incorporating photography, video and projection. Exposed to Gaal’s observations the viewer subliminally becomes aware of the artist’s interpretations.

The exhibition shows recent photography works, videos and silkscreen prints.


Exhibitions at WAGNER + PARTNER

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Art Fairs 2014

UNSEEN - photo fair
September 18-21, Amsterdam

December 4-7

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