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Miklos Gaál - Pieces of the sky

31.10. - 13.12.2014

Opening Recepition with the Artist: 31 Oct 2014, 7 - 10 pm
Artist Talk with Dr. Lars Mextorf: 13 Nov at 7 pm

For Berlin’s Month of Photography Miklos Gaál (b 1974, Finland) presents a collection of works from recent years including photographs, video and a series of silkscreen prints. The works in Pieces of the Sky share a joint sense of open-endedness and transitoriness that display the existing actuality as a kind of artificial stages. For Gaál, what is actually being observed is not the subjects themselves, but the depicted commonplace scenes stand for what is “natural”, in a broad ideological sense, of something that is taken for granted. It is the way how the depicted subjects respond to and describe our ideas about them that make the basic focus of Gaál’s practice. He introduces relativity to our experience, that can provide a comparison to recognize how actuality is habitually constructed, and how reality is granted to things.




Pieces of the Sky, 2014
set of four images, C-prints with silkscreen printing
58 x 75 cm each

Pieces of the Sky, 2014 set of four images, C-prints with silkscreen printing 58 x 75 cm each

Soap, 2008-2014 C-Print 27,5 x 41,1 cm

Soap, 2008-2014
27,5 x 41,1 cm

Grape Box, 2014 C-print 28 x 40,5 cm

Grape Box, 2014
28 x 40,5 cm


Erwin Olaf @ Bar Babette, Berlin (16 - 30 Oct)

Thursday, 16 October 2014, at 10 pm, immediately after the official
opening of the MdF at the Martin-Gropius-Bau.

Erwin Olaf’s works depict the unspoken. His stylized and skilfully quoted visual worlds address taboos, social conflicts, and middle-class narrow-mindedness – themes that he disguises aesthetically in order to unsettle the viewer.
Bar Barbette showcases the series Fall (2008), which presents adolescent portraits separated by austerely composed still lifes set in pale gold-coloured interiors of the late 1950s. Posed before curtains and wallpaper reminiscent of the living rooms of the post-war generation, the adolescents seem out of place. They confront the viewer with contradictory emotions and their as yet undefined corporality, as though they felt entirely unobserved. Coolness and physical strength are just as much on display as vulnerability and apathy; subtle and unbridled eroticism radiates from their flawless young bodies. With a similar atmosphere, the film Le Dernier Cri (2006) slowly progresses towards a discomforting climax that reveals the terror concealed beneath the veil of the bourgeoisie.

Daily at Bar Babette from 18 h. An exhibition project by WAGNER + PARTNER with Month of Photography.


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