Galerie Wagner + Partner
 Galerie Wagner + Partner

Unease - Das Unbehagen

(during the Berlin Art Week)

9/8/2017 – 9/16/2017

This group exhibition featuring gallery artists and guests can be understood as a commentary on our times. Installed associatively, all the works in the exhibition approach the feeling of unease.

Particularly since US President Trump’s inauguration it seems that predictability, certainty and even reliability have become irrelevant. An all-pervasive unease abounds – will tomorrow bring the next environmental catastrophe in the wake of impending climate change? Which country will follow on from Brexit? Is it possible that even tourists might be arrested in Turkey? Will the Klu Klux Klan overtake The White House? And what about North Korea’s nuclear threats? The world seems upside down.

This exhibition is an artistic comment with works by Bastian Börsig, Claas Gutsche, Eckart Hahn, Benedikt Hipp, Susi Jirkuff, Stefan Kürten, Eva Lauterlein, Erwin Olaf, Lars Ramberg, Jakob Roepke, Natascha Stellmach, Raissa Venables and Rob Voerman.