Galerie Wagner + Partner

Eckart Hahn


3/20/2015 – 4/25/2015

Artist Talk with Marie Kaiser (radioeins) in the gallery, 15 April 2015

With Myzel (Mycelium), Wagner + Partner is thrilled to present Eckart Hahn's (*1971) fourth solo show in Berlin. In recent years, Hahn's idiosyncratically disturbing and oft apparently surreal paintings have become increasingly popular. Although each painting is in itself autonomous, the connections are multifaceted when viewed as a whole. Hahn is led here by an intuitive response, which he finds analogous to a network of fungal threads (mycelium):
"It is the delicate and unseen underground network. It is the actual mushroom, for what we see above the surface is its 'fruit'. This is how I see my work: a web of invisible strands, that become visible through each painting." (Eckart Hahn).

Hahn's treatment of colour in these most recent works is particularly notable. The tension between defined colour fields and their surroundings is one fascinating aspect. This is achieved in works such as RGB via a reduced, almost monochromatic background. Here the small red, green and blue regions function succinctly against the almost white foundation.

Nonetheless in Concerto Fragile the impact is due to a central darkening of the image and a small overlaid band of colour. Whilst the group of animals appears to fade into black, the coloured bars serve as a disruption for the viewer. This differentiated modulation also connects – the network – beyond each painting's individual declaration.