Galerie Wagner + Partner

Maria & Natalia Petschatnikow

briefly yours

9/2/2011 – 10/22/2011

There are some things we only own for a while, without even noticing it! Following on from Sidewalk, the much admired installation of 2009 at Wagner + Partner by Maria & Natalia Petschatnikov, is their latest exhibition, briefly yours. The exhibition connects paintings and objects of three of the Petschatnikovs most recent series, all which subtly investigate the notion of possessions and ownership. As so often in their work it is the banal everyday things that are artistically explored and viewed from new angles.

City dogs and their owners, retractable leashes and the obligatory pile on the sidewalk. We all know this! In the installation Dogs we see a room full of stylised dogs and a network of leashes where the common becomes comical. Whose leash is leading whom here? Although each individual dog is abstract, in the pack Dogs presents the viewer with many questions.
With Cash, a small-format painted series of banknotes, this idea develops further. Rolled, creased, piled and in a multitude of variations, these notes mutate into colourful craft paper. Like still lives, these absurd arrangements in oil on parchment tell many stories. In the process the monetary worth becomes secondary.
In U8, a series of paintings of the 24 stations of the Berlin U8 underground line, the investigation expands into urban space: moving across the city, getting out of "ones" station, or commuting to work. Temporarily we own the public space, only to forget it as quickly after use.
Briefly yours reveals a disregarded phenomenon, an ever-present, fleeting process of appropriation that the artists make playfully known in this, their latest exhibition.

The catalogue Sidewalk is published at Kehrer art books on the occasion of this exhibition.

Artist talk with Dr. Lars Mextorf: Sept 29 at 7 pm.