Galerie Wagner + Partner


Ina Geißler & Axel Anklam

1/20/2012 – 3/3/2012

The exhibition Eunomia showcases large-format paintings of Ina Geißler from the newest series Broken Signs in a striking dialogue with Axel Anklam's large-scale sculptures. Eunomia, personification of law and order, represents a concept for artistic process: the permanent reordering of seemingly disparate things.

In Broken Signs, Geißler captures the reflections in a room from a moving disco ball. What is common in all these paintings is a concave or convex room that she breaks down through the repeated layering of colours and forms or through vertical and horizontal bars. Above all this series explores formal variations on the circular form. The circle as a striking juxtaposition to the canvas's rectangle.

Ina Geißler creates dynamic spheres in her paintings that through her multitudinous room compartmentalising encourage the viewer to generate their own imaginings. Her compositions build upon overlaying perspectives, forms, lines and colours as well as light/dark contrast and diverse surface structures. The artist utilises sticky tape to create the differing colour spaces within and on top of each other and via this complex layering a new way of structuring a room is born.

Axel Anklam's sculptures are clear and powerful, with a stunning interplay between vitality and tranquillity. Opaque fibreglass and transparent mesh lay over complexly forged stainless-steel carcasses and with each shift in light and accordingly each perspective and atmospheric alteration new expressions are produced.

The way both artists work with space creates the complexity that is designed to challenge the visitors' view: Supposedly known ways of thinking or seeing can or have to be dismissed. The works have a constant dazzling capacity to be seen afresh, taking on new forms where they are seemingly altered, yet have in effect not changed. This permanent restructuring, this constant movement is what Eunomia represents and it is this artistic process that is explored by Geißler and Anklam. At the same time the works here go beyond art and illustrate the way the structure of society is developing at the beginning of the 21st Century.