Galerie Wagner + Partner

Eckart Hahn

MYTHOS incorporated

4/15/2011 – 5/28/2011

Wagner + Partner is delighted to announce the second solo exhibition by Eckart Hahn (born 1971, Freiburg) in Berlin. The exhibition MYTHOS incorporated subtly questions the state of collective pictorial memory today while pursuing the icons of tomorrow.

Against the backdrop of an ever-increasing flood of imagery, pictures that once held iconographic significance have come to lose their function. In the tradition of passing on such pictures, they have also been known to impart values. Moreover, in parallel to a diffusion of these values, such images, myths, or symbols imbued with values have been borrowed to further marketing aims.

Eckart Hahn has now adapted such images of mythic or symbolic force inscribed within pictorial memory, such as for instance a portrait of the Sun King Ludwig XIV, the Adoration of the Magi by Rubens, or the depiction of the Matterhorn. By consciously bringing attention to these images by means of painterly copying, and by furnishing them with devices of alienation such as bags or pools of paint, the artist is querying their iconographic potential for the present day. In the process of painterly reconstruction, Hahn likewise exposes the timeless validity of these universally negotiated images.

MYTHOS incorporated associatively leads one through a series of paintings whose details, chromaticity, and ambience touch the viewer in a calculated way, and whose realistic manner of representation oscillates between Surrealist and recent neofigurative painting traditions.

Within collector circles, Eckart Hahn's paintings and installative objects have incited a furore on an international scale. In 2010, he impressively showed his comprehensive solo exhibition Grat at the Kunstverein Reutlingen. In 2011, the Kunstpalais in Erlangen is presenting the exhibition Der schwarze Duft der Schönheit (The Black Fragrance of Beauty).

Artist talk with Dr. Marc Wellman (Georg Kolbe Museum): May 19 at 7 pm.