Malgorzata Szymankiewicz - Reflectiving View

6/20/2017 – 7/30/2017

Malgorzata Szymankiewicz

opening: 20.06.2017, 6pm

The cycle of works created as a part of the REFLECTING VIEW exhibition
is related to public space and addresses the problem of overproduction
of images in the contemporary visual culture. Her object of interest is
the material proofs of advertising and marketing activities in the form
of boards, display cases, lightboxes and banners. Using post-painting
imaging methods, Szymankiewicz processed them, creating objects that
work mainly through their rhythm, colour and texture. Examining the
language of advertising – which imposes a specific way of seeing and
manipulating viewer/consumer – the artist was looking for the
possibility of creating abstract forms and objects capable of generating
new meanings.

REFLECTING VIEW is yet another project in which Szymankiewicz refers to
the issue of creators getting entangled in the mechanisms of economy
that determine the functioning of the functioning of the art market and
advertising market. The artist emphasises the unconscious activities
which are reflected not only in the ways the works are presented, but
also in the process of building the position of young creators.

curator: Karolina Leśnik

Eckart Hahn - surf

Group show at Galerie Hartwich

6/17/2017 – 8/27/2017

Eckart Hahn

With: Sonja Alhäuser · Axel Anklam · Matthias Beckmann · Joanna Buchowska· Jessica Buhlmann · Laura Bruce · Sven Drühl · Axel Geis · Jan
Gemeinhardt · Gloria Glitzer · Göran Gnaudschun · Eckart Hahn · Anders Kappel · Jean Yves Klein · Katharina Kritzler · Jarmo Mäkilä · Rudi
Molacek · Jan Muche · Iris Musolf · Marcus Neufanger · Manfred Peckl · Tanja Rochelmeyer · Römer+Römer · Heidi Sill · Klaus-Martin Treder ·
Klaus Walter · Maik Wolf · Carl Emanuel Wolff

Galerie Hartwich,
Sellin auf Rügen

Galerie Hartwich

Mona Ardeleanu @ Kunst Südwest


6/16/2017 – 7/16/2017

Mona Ardeleanu

2 art associations are presenting a group exhibition on "reflection". 20 artists  from the region are showing works in different media such as painting, scultupure, photography: Mona Ardeleanu, Reinhard Bombsch, Peter Bosshart, Katharina Fekonja, Monika Grether-Ehrentraut, Insa Hofmann, Gerit Koglin, Luis Lenz, Sabine Mayer, Ulrika Olivieri, René Packeiser, Max Sauk, Kathrin Stalder, Jürgen Unseld, Nina Ruth Urban, Kathrin Wächter, Bernd Warkentin, Konstantin Weber, Thomas Willmann und Ulrich Wössner.

Catalogue download (in German)

Stefan Kürten @ Galerie Cosar, Duesseldorf, Germany

Perfect World

5/20/2017 – 7/14/2017

Stefan Kürten

Sophia Pompéry - Sculpture Triennial Bingen, Germany

Nah und Fern

5/6/2017 – 10/6/2017

Sophia Pompéry

4th Sculpture-Triennial Bingen


curated by Lutz Driever and André Odier

Skulpturen-Triennale Bingen

Thomas Wrede @ Altana Stiftung, Bad Homburg

3/12/2017 – 6/5/2017

Thomas Wrede

The Museum Sinclair Haus (Altana cultural foundation) is the first institution to exhibit a comprehensive overview of the artist Thomas Wrede, documenting the relationships and artistic developments of his photographic works ranging from the early 1990s to his current series.

Altana Kulturstiftung

Artist talk with Thomas Wrede


Thomas Wrede

Thomas Wrede will give an introduction to his serial work of the last years. (The presentation will be in German).


Bastian Börsig, Sophia Pompéry, Malgorzata Szymankiewicz

2/9/2017 – 2/12/2017

Bastian Börsig , Sophia Pompéry , Malgorzata Szymankiewicz

"Reflection": This year’s presentation is grouped around the subject of reflection with its two meanings: On one hand as an intellectual process during the creation of art – What is abstraction? What can painting be today? etc. – and on the other hand as a simple physical phenomenon that has fascinated mankind all along.

Art Rotterdam 2017

Peter Dreher

Deutscher Ritualismus @ Gallery Philipp von Rosen, Cologne

2/3/2017 – 3/25/2017

Peter Dreher

Group show curated by Ignacio Uriarte with works by Joseph Beuys, Anna & Bernhard Blume, Peter Dreher, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Christian Jankowski, Jochen Lempert, Peter Piller, Karin Sander, Corinna Schnitt.

Peter Dreher @ Musée Würth France Erstein

HEAD TO FOOT. Human figures in the Würth Collection

1/31/2017 – 9/10/2017

Peter Dreher

Through 130 paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations from the Würth Collection, the exhibition presents a fascinating vision of the representation of the human figure in art. The extensive selection of works, dating from the late 19th century up to the present day, encompasses major pieces from the Würth Collection as well as recent acquisitions.

Participating artists: Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, George Grosz, Jürgen Klauke, Peter Dreher, Amadeo Modigliani, Max Beckmann, Jaume Plensa, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Gilbert & George, Georg Baselitz and many others.

Malgorzata Szymankiewizc @


1/27/2017 – 2/28/2017

What is the role of the library today? After all, we no longer believe that all available knowledge of the world can be gathered in one place. Are books and the vision of the world they convey becoming obsolete? Why does an electronic library have more borrowers than a traditional one?

The exhibition #library

, featuring seventeen Polish and international artists, asks questions about the status and the transformations of library from a present-day perspective. The hashtag attached to the title is both a sign of the times and a play on that signifier which enables grouping information; in a sense, it is a shelf mark thanks to which one can easily find their bearings amidst virtual resources.


Curator: Marta Smolinska

Simon Schubert @ Kunstsammlung Neubrandenburg, Germany

Fragments of a collection

12/8/2016 – 2/26/2017

Simon Schubert

The exhibition is grouped around a room installation, that consist of a combination of Simon Schubert's own works and archeological finds as a dialogue on the eventful history of the collection.

Kunstsammlung Neubrandenburg

Eckart Hahn @ Galerie Schlichtenmeier

Schere Stein Papier

12/1/2016 – 1/21/2017

Eckart Hahn

Eckart Hahn @ Gallery Aeroplastics, Brussels

Clay Crystal Colour

11/18/2016 – 12/22/2016

Mona Ardeleanu @ Galerie Thomas Fuchs, Stuttgart

The Fold

11/11/2016 – 1/14/2017

Mona Ardeleanu

Thomas Wrede @ Galerie Mike Karstens

The Luminous Screen

10/30/2016 – 12/22/2016

Thomas Wrede

Miklos Gaál @ Galleria Heino, Finland

The right word

10/29/2016 – 11/20/2016

Miklos Gaál

'Shame' was censored by facebook


Natascha Stellmach

We had just uploaded the image to save it as our new profile picture during our exhibition - and it got immediately censored by facebook! Shame on you, fb!

Erwin Olaf @ Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Finland

In Search of the Present

10/12/2016 – 12/8/2016

Erwin Olaf

In Search of the Present turns the gaze towards current issues that are shaping art and society at large and encourages viewers to participate in the public debate. With its themes, The New Me, Digital Mankind and Nature Kingdom, the exhibition explores the nature of human beings that inhabit a global digital world and their relationship to the environment, themselves and other human beings. The New Me theme described how we build ourselves and our identities in present age by using even quite extreme methods. The human being has become stronger as and operator and factor than ever before. Digital Mankind is a theme that discusses digitalisation and how it changes not only the individual but the entire humankind; we are on the verge of a major shift, which will change the way we think and act. Nature Kingdom talks about how desperately the humankind is striving to contain nature and the animal kingdom, alas with no success.

The first edition of the exhibition series explores the nature of human beings that inhabit a global digital world and their relationship to the environment, themselves and other human beings.

Artists: David Altmejd, Berlinde de Bruyckere, Harun Farocki, Maria Friberg, Hannaleena Heiska, Camille Henrot, Berglind Jóna Hlynsdóttir, Sasha Huber, Artor Jesus Inkerö, Saija Kassinen, Yazan Khalili, Klara Kristalova, Elke Silvia Krystufek, Antti Laitinen, Jonathan Monk, Ben Okri, Erwin Olaf, Aza Shadenova, Elly Strik, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Anne Tompuri,Akram Zaatari 

In Search of the Present


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