Peter Dreher @ Sao Paulo Biennial, Brazil

Affective Affinities

9/7/2018 – 10/9/2018

Peter Dreher

Peter Dreher is part of the group show "To Our Parents" curated by Alejandro Cesarco as part of the Sao Paulo Biennial 2018.

"To our Parents is a dedication, an offering, a form of address, a definition of audience. It is an acknowledgment of the past, and the continuing presence of the past in the present. To dedicate the show to a primary relationship (biological or adopted, literal or metaphorical) is a way of constructing a genealogy and a way of trying to get close to the core source of our understandings, methods, inhibitions, possibilities, expectations, etc.

Some of the questions the show poses are how the past (our history) both enables and frustrates possibilities, how we rewrite the past with our work, and how difference is produced in repetition. More generally, the show calls attention to the structures that allow for certain narratives while silencing others." (Alejandro Cesarco) Participating artists: Alejandro Cesarco, Andrea Büttner, Cameron Rowland, Henrik Olesen, Jennifer Packer, John Miller (in collaboration with Richard Hoeck), Louise Lawler, Matt Mullican, Oliver Laric, Peter Dreher, Sara Cwynar, Sturtevant

Interwiew with Erwin Olaf

6/30/2018 – 7/1/2018

Erwin Olaf

Renown Dutch magazine De Volkskrant published a major feature on Erwin Olaf on the occasion of the donation of his work to the Rjiksmuseum in Amsterdam. In the interview, Erwin talks about loneliness as the basic emotion in his life, genitals and perfection.

Peter Dreher

Prize of the City of Freiburg, Germany

6/30/2018 – 7/1/2018

Peter Dreher

Peter Dreher was awarded with the Silver City Seal of Freiburg, his home town in Germany, for his life time achievements and his tributes to the city of Freiburg.

Photo: Rita Eggstein (Badische Zeitung)

Eckart Hahn @ Museum Villa Rot

Der schwarze Hund trägt bunt

6/24/2018 – 10/3/2018

Eckart Hahn


Claas Gutsche @ Kunsthalle der Sparkasse Halle

6/15/2018 – 9/2/2018

Claas Gutsche

Material, Haptik, Figuration und Körper sind Begriffe, die stark mit dem Fachbereich Kunst der Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle verbunden sind. So untersucht nun die Ausstellung »Körpereinsatz« anhand von 13 Positionen Lehrender und Absolventen der BURG die künstlerische Auseinandersetzung mit dem Menschen, seiner Verfasstheit und seinem Körper.

Die Frage nach dem Körper, nach Körperlichkeit und der Rolle des Menschen, der Künstlerin, des Künstlers in verschiedenen gesellschaftlichen Formationen bildet dabei den Ausgangspunkt für die Ausstellung. Gleichermaßen werden grundlegende Fragen nach der künstlerischen Laufbahn, wechselseitigen Einflüssen in der künstlerischen Lehre und der Produktivität des Dialogs zwischen den Generationen, aber auch nach Wegen zur Formulierung einer ästhetischen Botschaft gestellt.

Link zur Kunsthalle

Sophia Pompéry @ Møenlight Sonata – A homage to the starry sky of Møn

44Moen, Denmark

6/2/2018 – 9/9/2018

Sophia Pompéry

Nevin Aladağ, Elina Brotherus, Ceal Floyer, Pravdoliub Ivanov, Sophia Pompery, Mariana Vassileva, Richard Wentworth, and Mariaa Wirkkala. 

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Kunsthal 44Møen will put together a special constellation of stars under the lyric name "Møenlight Sonata", alluding to Beethoven's 14th sonata for piano, which he also referred to "quasi una fantasia". The show will present a cross-section of the Kunsthal's program so far, as well as newly commissioned works by artists from Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Great Britain and Turkeythat are still new to the island. What connects the works of these individual artists is the specific use of light, as subject and material. Light (or the absence of it) is not only one of the oldest topics in art history, but also a special condition on Møn – during the day, but also at night.The 10 year anniversary of Kunsthal 44Møen is conceived to be a summer festival, an invitation to all groups of local residents and visiting guests to celebrate the sky over Møn.

Thomas Wrede @ Van der Heydt Kunsthalle


5/28/2018 – 8/26/2018

Thomas Wrede

Thomas Wrede @ Von-der-Heydt-Kunsthalle


5/27/2018 – 8/26/2018

Thomas Wrede

Von der Heydt-Kunsthalle
Haus der Jugend Barmen
Geschwister Scholl Platz 4-6
42275 Wuppertal-Barmen

Link to the exhibition

Erwin Olaf @ Rijksmuseum receives core collection


Erwin Olaf

Taco Dibbits, director of the Rijksmuseum: Erwin Olaf is one of the most important photographers of the final quarter of the 20th century, and his work is deeply rooted in the visual traditions of Dutch art. We are therefore delighted and honoured to be able to add his work to the Rijksmuseum collection.

Erwin Olaf’s decision to transfer his core collection to the Rijksmuseum is motivated by his long relationship with the museum and the inspiration he draws from its collection, particularly the Old Masters.

The Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf donated to the Rijksmuseum his core collection, the fully representative range of work spanning his entire career. The Rijksmuseum will be the recipient of a total of 500 objects, comprising prints, portfolios, videos, magazines, books and posters. The vast majority are donations; 60 photographs and three videos have been acquired with the support of the BankGiro Loterij.

Image: Erwin Olaf & Taco Dibbits. Photo: Olivier Middendorp

Eckart Hahn @ Neue Galerie Gladbeck

Der schwarze Hund trägt bunt

4/13/2018 – 6/15/2018

Eckart Hahn

Claas Gutsche, Ulu Braun und Thomas Rug - Fassadenschwindel

Burg Galerie Halle

4/12/2018 – 5/6/2018

Claas Gutsche

Bastian Börsig @ Room, Brooklyn


3/9/2018 – 3/25/2018

Bastian Börsig

Room, a young project space in Brooklyn, presents Bastian Börsig´s first solo show in the US. The exhibition offers an overview of his latest works.


Eckart Hahn @ Haus am Lützowplatz

Der schwarze Hund trägt bunt

1/18/2018 – 4/8/2018

Eckart Hahn

First museum show in Berlin to showcase an insight in Eckart Hahn´s artistic world. The exhibition is accompanied by a 272 page strong catalogue at Distanz Verlag Berlin.

Haus am Lützowplatz

Malgorzata Szymankiewicz - Adventures with OP-Art

Fundacja Stefana Gierowskiego, Warsaw

10/14/2017 – 12/20/2017

Malgorzata Szymankiewicz

Zofia Artymowska // Tamara Berdowska // Henryk Berlewi // Bownik // Marcin Chomicki // Jan Chwałczyk // Jan Dobkowski // Jacek Dyrzyński // Wojciech Fangor // Stanisław Fijałkowski // Jarosław Fliciński // Jerzy Goliszewski // Maurycy Gomulicki // Jerzy Grochocki // Edward Hartwig // Karol Komorowski // Kamil #2 // Wojciech Leder // Leszek Lewandowski // Adam Marczyński // Janusz Orbitowski // Ludmiła Popiel // Józef Robakowski // Małgorzata Szymankiewicz // Jan Tarasin // Janina Węgrzynowska // Ryszard Winiarski // Krystyn Zieliński // Jan Ziemski

Peter Dreher @ For Eternity – Archival Strategies in Art

Kunstraum Alexander Bürkle, Germany

10/8/2017 – 2/18/2018

Peter Dreher

Groupshow with  Jill Baroff, Viktoria Binschtok, Hanne Darboven, Peter Dreher, Philipp Goldbach, Katrin Herzner, On Kawara, Nick Koppenhagen, Ingo Meller, Helen Mirra, Susan Morris, Andrea Ostermeyer, Peter Piller, Maria Tackmann, Matten Vogel, Daniel Wrede, Ulrich Wüst.

Kunstraum Alexander Bürkle

Thomas Wrede @ Kunsthaus Nuernberg, Germany

Modell Landschaft

9/21/2017 – 11/12/2017

Thomas Wrede

Museum Kunsthaus in Nürnberg presents a solo show of German photo artist Thomas Wrede with manifold series from the 1990 until today.


Peter Dreher @ Sammlung Hurrle Durbach, Germany

​ On uncharted Territory - Landscape in Fine Arts after 1945

9/16/2017 – 2/4/2018

Peter Dreher

Group exhibition

Sophia Pompéry @ Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin

Festial of Future Nows

9/14/2017 – 9/17/2017

Sophia Pompéry

A cooperation by the Institut für Raumexperimente and the Nationalgalerie – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

‘The challenge is in the moment, the time is always now.’ (James A. Baldwin)

The second edition of theFestival of Future Nows is taking place during Berlin Art Week 2017 at Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin. This year’s cooperation between the Nationalgalerie – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Olafur Eliasson and his Institut für Raumexperimente e.V. – as with the festival’s first edition in 2014 – brings together different works by over 100 international artists.

Sophia Pompéry @ Kunsthalle Baden-Baden

Der Schein der Dinge

7/28/2017 – 9/24/2017

Sophia Pompéry

Berlin-based artist Sophia Pompéry (*1984) is a keen observer. With a phenomenological vision onto the world she questions the deceptive appearance of things and opens up unusual perspectives on apparently well-known objects and conditions.

At studio space 45cbm she presents a set of works, that pay homage to the elusive moment, with a focus on the transition from one state of being to another. In a playful experimental set-up physical and optical regularities are being fathomed out, and philosophical questions concerning space, time and self are raised.

Curator: Luisa Heese

Claas Gutsche @ Black Sugar 7 x zeitgenössischer Hochdruck

Museum Spendhaus Reutlingen

7/22/2017 – 10/3/2017

Claas Gutsche

With: Christian Bär & Norbert Reissig |Benjamin Dittrich | Christoph Feist | Tobias Gellscheid | Claas Gutsche | Rosa Loy | Sebastian Speckmann

Ausstellung "Black Sugar"

Malgorzata Szymankiewicz - Reflecting View

6/20/2017 – 7/30/2017

Malgorzata Szymankiewicz

opening: 20.06.2017, 6pm

The cycle of works created as a part of the REFLECTING VIEW exhibition
is related to public space and addresses the problem of overproduction
of images in the contemporary visual culture. Her object of interest is
the material proofs of advertising and marketing activities in the form
of boards, display cases, lightboxes and banners. Using post-painting
imaging methods, Szymankiewicz processed them, creating objects that
work mainly through their rhythm, colour and texture. Examining the
language of advertising – which imposes a specific way of seeing and
manipulating viewer/consumer – the artist was looking for the
possibility of creating abstract forms and objects capable of generating
new meanings.

REFLECTING VIEW is yet another project in which Szymankiewicz refers to
the issue of creators getting entangled in the mechanisms of economy
that determine the functioning of the functioning of the art market and
advertising market. The artist emphasises the unconscious activities
which are reflected not only in the ways the works are presented, but
also in the process of building the position of young creators.

curator: Karolina Leśnik

Eckart Hahn - surf

Group show at Galerie Hartwich

6/17/2017 – 8/27/2017

Eckart Hahn

With: Sonja Alhäuser · Axel Anklam · Matthias Beckmann · Joanna Buchowska· Jessica Buhlmann · Laura Bruce · Sven Drühl · Axel Geis · Jan
Gemeinhardt · Gloria Glitzer · Göran Gnaudschun · Eckart Hahn · Anders Kappel · Jean Yves Klein · Katharina Kritzler · Jarmo Mäkilä · Rudi
Molacek · Jan Muche · Iris Musolf · Marcus Neufanger · Manfred Peckl · Tanja Rochelmeyer · Römer+Römer · Heidi Sill · Klaus-Martin Treder ·
Klaus Walter · Maik Wolf · Carl Emanuel Wolff

Galerie Hartwich,
Sellin auf Rügen

Galerie Hartwich

Mona Ardeleanu @ Kunst Südwest


6/16/2017 – 7/16/2017

Mona Ardeleanu

2 art associations are presenting a group exhibition on "reflection". 20 artists  from the region are showing works in different media such as painting, scultupure, photography: Mona Ardeleanu, Reinhard Bombsch, Peter Bosshart, Katharina Fekonja, Monika Grether-Ehrentraut, Insa Hofmann, Gerit Koglin, Luis Lenz, Sabine Mayer, Ulrika Olivieri, René Packeiser, Max Sauk, Kathrin Stalder, Jürgen Unseld, Nina Ruth Urban, Kathrin Wächter, Bernd Warkentin, Konstantin Weber, Thomas Willmann und Ulrich Wössner.

Catalogue download (in German)

Stefan Kürten @ Galerie Cosar, Duesseldorf, Germany

Perfect World

5/20/2017 – 7/14/2017

Stefan Kürten


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