Galerie Wagner + Partner
 Galerie Wagner + Partner

Malgorzata Szymankiewicz

Reflecting View

9/29/2017 – 11/4/2017

WAGNER+PARTNER is pleased to announce the inaugural solo exhibition, Reflecting View by Malgorzata Szymankiewicz (*1980, Poznan). Her new series of the same name explores the status and function of the image in a time of visual overkill. Szymankiewicz views the production of art as entangled in a process of continual content creation and one generated by a culture of ostentation. Reflecting View recollects ragged remnants or void mantles of former advertisting surfaces. What remains of that flood of pictures? Szymankiewicz addresses these concerns with her characteristically serial way of working, via a combination of abstract paintings and objects – which are assemblages of different materials – as if they are in themselves an advertising by-product. 

By having to present projects, artists often unconsciously imitate the mechanisms of advertising and marketing, which due to the competitive pressures of ‘visibility’ are also prevalent in the artistic sphere. The indispensability of self-promotion, being seen, including the exhibition and promotion of artistic activities, are inextricably linked with an art career and are determining factors in building a leading position in the market.

Reflecting View is a critical comment on the power of the image: highlighting the dependency on, its manipulation of and its tendency towards superficiality due to its reproducibility. Notwithstanding that the artist no longer has full control over the images they produce. Szymankiewicz’s works harness the language of advertising and as such utilize a variety of techniques. She also abstracts materials used for billboards, banners, displays or shop windows in a painterly manner. The individual works in Reflecting View evolved to become a series, which is open to interpretation and invites us to reflect upon contemporary visual culture and our agency within it.

The mix of techniques and materials: traditional painting methods but also clear films, plexiglass, MDF, aluminium, and neon – with a collaged, or rather, ready-made aesthetic – are characteristic of Malgorzata Szymankiewicz’s way of working, wherein she continually addresses and reinterprets the practice of painting.