Galerie Wagner + Partner
 Galerie Wagner + Partner

Eckart Hahn


4/28/2017 – 6/3/2017

To coincide with Berlin Gallery Weekend, WAGNER + PARTNER is pleased to present the new solo exhibition of Eckart Hahn. Set amidst a play of colours, the newest paintings of the Reutlingen-based artist come to light and reveal – as always with Eckart Hahn – his unmistakably fascinating atmosphere and approach. The premise for this body of work is based on the theme of ‘limbo’, from the Latin, Limbus, which signifies an edge or border. Based on the philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Limbus is a temporary place for dead souls, which can be understood as an intermediate state; where neither joy nor sorrow prevails. 

Eckart Hahn likens the signs of the times to that of Limbus and transition. From where we’ve come, we cannot return, and there, where we want to be, we aren’t yet. Humankind stands at the edge. Nonetheless, we search for our place in the world, embedded in the nature of being. Although it is impossible for humans to undergo this process without reflection and observation and one appears to stay in a state of limbo, animals undergo this process as a matter of course: on the city outskirts, foxes scavenge food from bins instead of hunting alone as they did in former times; in the city, raccoons compete for food with cats …  

Hahn’s exhibition employs the notion of these animals as proxies for this process of change. Inspired by the scientific observations of Alexander von Humboldt (1769 – 1859), Eckart Hahn has created a multifaceted and aesthetic cosmos, which will leave the viewer with a sense of both the force, but also the fragile and transitory nature of life.