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Peter Dreher - "Day by Day good Day" (1974-2014)

14.03. - 03.05.2014

Friday May 2nd between 18 and 20 h: Peter Dreher signs his new catalogue and answers questions about his oeuvre

It was 1974 when the painter Peter Dreher (*1932) began his inimitable project 'Tag um Tag guter Tag' (Day by Day Good Day). Since then Dreher has created around 6000 oil paintings of an empty water glass where each canvas is 25 x 20 cm in size. Created under similar conditions (format, size and composition), the same glass is always depicted, sometimes at night, or during the day. On the occasion of this project’s 40th anniversary, Wagner + Partner honours the artist with a jubilee exhibition, showcasing the most recent works in the series, 'Tag um Tag guter Tag’.

Never before has a conceptual painter pursued an idea so consistently and poignantly. At the same time Dreher – who was Professor at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe for many years – continues to maintain his joy for painting. Each glass is simultaneously part of a much greater concept as well as an ‘ode’ to painting. In this way Dreher demonstrates once more that beauty, simplicity and contemporary art make good bedfellows.

In recent years Dreher’s practice has gained international acclaim. Given that his work is frequently positioned alongside that of younger artists, its perpetually evolving interpretation has also earned Dreher esteem as a highly valued post-1945 German artist. Peter Dreher’s paintings are exhibited in respected institutions such as the Cologne Kolumba, the Karlsruhe Kunsthalle and MAMCO in Geneva as well as held in numerous international private collections.

Download: Peter Dreher_art magazin april 2014 (491,88 KB)

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On the occasion of the exhibition a new catalogue about Peter Dreher is exclusively available. Many images of his famous series plus German and English texts (168 pages, linnen, hardcover, 39 € plus postage), can be ordered via the gallery.

Also available as a limited Edition with an original Etching by the Artist (Ed. 100, 360 € plus postage).

Tagglas #2458 2013

Tagglas #2458

Nachtglas #2673 2012

Nachtglas #2673

Nachtglas #2672 2012

Nachtglas #2672

Tagglas #2460 2013

Tagglas #2460

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